Poetic Amusement

Raymond P. Hammond's (editor, New York Quarterly) metacritical poetry manifesto. Publication date: August 31, 2010.

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Originally written in 2000 as his Master's thesis, Raymond P. Hammond's Poetic Amusement has been passed around underground as a digital file for ten years among those associated with The New York Quarterly. As provocative today as it was when it was written, what began as Hammond's observations of the influence of "po' biz" and writing programs on contemporary American poetry, became a timeless treatise on poetry itself. Using his experience with NYQ and devouring many literary critics across the ages from the ancient Greeks to contemporary critics, Hammond examines at once both our current literary environment and the essence of poetry. In seeking to answer the questions "What is poetry?" and "Where does poetry come from?" for himself, he encourages readers to ask those questions for and of themselves as well. Relevant and accessible to readers and writers of poetry and to those who think they don't know or want to know what poetry is, Poetic Amusement will anger, elevate and inspire all who read it.

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Agamemnon: A New English Version in Syllabic Verse

The classic greek tragedy of Aeschylus translated by Peter Arcese. Second edition. Publication date: Junes 29, 2010.

The Agamemnon is the first play of the Oresteia trilogy, which won Aeschylus a first prize in 458 BCE. It presents the return of Agamemnon to his home in Argos after the fall of Troy, as his victorious homecoming soon gives way to the horrors of an ancient curse and the consequences of vengeance. With its accounts of war, sacrifice, confessions, prophecy, and prayer, this tragic drama begins both a brutal and compassionate journey toward redefining justice. Through the use of syllabic verse, this new version maintains an organic link with the original Greek text, while recreating the music of poetry in contemporary speech for reading and performance.

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A book for children by Penny Schnee-Bosch and David Bosch, released Sept. 30, 2010 by our new imprint: ABC Alley.

Can girls be firefighters? Can boys be dancers? Sure they can! Someday... is a beautifully illustrated children's book about growing up by husband & wife team Penny Schnee-Bosch and David Bosch. All children like to see themselves in a story. Someday... helps children develop a strong sense of themselves and their world and to have fun doing it. "What would you like to be someday? It's great to be something someday ... but just being who you are today is very special!" Someday... is a charming picture book recommended for 3-6 year-olds, filled with fun and featuring a beautiful, important message for kids, parents & teachers.

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Some Holy Weight in the Village Air

First edition of a collection of original poetry by Ira Joe Fisher.

Some Holy Weight in the Village Air gives voice and depth to small-town American experience in the tradition of Robert Frost. Fisher's book was the first volume of Athanata Arts' NYQ Poetry Series, established to present book-length collections of poets recognized by publication in the The New York Quarterly poetry journal founded by William Packard in 1969. It is now available as a reprint in the newly launched NYQ Books series published by The New York Quarterly.